Water Heater Installation in Phoenix, AZ

water heater installation in phoenix az

In general, residential water heaters can have a cost going from $140 to $450 whether it is  gas or electric. If you have a professional plumber install the water heater you can add $190 to $380 to the cost of installation. You should know that there are more expensive gas water heaters equipped with sophisticated venting systems. But beware! These ones are way more difficult to install.

You should get a permit if you want to  replace an existing water heater yourself. Give a quick call to the local building department to know what is required for you in order to do the replacement.

Installing a water heater can be tricky and very long if you don’t have any experience. On the other hand a professional plumber can have it installed and working fine within no more 3 hours. This is an approximate duration that takes into account the removing of the old water heater and the positionning of the new one and at the end the connexion to the power source.

We, as reputable plumbing company will make sure your water heater is installed and working. Call us today and schedule with one of our experienced plumbers who will get your hot showers back sooner than you expect.

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